Before the Foundation

This week’s blog may or may not make any sense to you, so I only hope that I can articulate the experience into cohesive and lucid words for your understanding. The following account, to the best of my remembrance, is what I experienced.

Before the foundation of the world Christ chose my essence to dwell inside this body of flesh. . .6000 years later. That, to me, is unfathomable and that fact alone came to light just a few days ago through an experience while relaxing on my couch, looking out my front room window.

Days are normally peaceful here at home. Today was no different. It was just a little overcast and five ducks were already swimming in the pond not 20 feet from my front door. Birds were flitting back and forth from one branch to another one, from one tree to another chirping as they flew, maybe playing hide and seek or tag.

There was a quietness in the air and except for the birds it was actually a little eerie. The peace and quietness can be mesmerizing sometimes. My heart rate felt like it was in the nine to ten BPM range ( 🙂 ) for I was totally relaxed and laying my head on the couch’s backrest. I lifted my head because I suddenly felt strange. My thoughts felt like there was a spiritual morphing taking place. It felt like I wasn’t there, but I was. It wasn’t me, but it was. It seemed like an out of body experience, only I wasn’t on the outside looking in, I was on the inside thinking in. It was like I was communing with my own spirit.

v14 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen. [2 Corinthians 13:14 KJV]

The last few months I’ve experienced a lot of stress, of which we won’t go into because we all have our own stresses and it’s different for each of us. We all have to carry our own cross [1]. My self-worth and self-esteem had come into play recently and my longevity had also reared its ugly head. When you reach 75, you can’t help but visit your own mortality, saved or not. The unknown is always a little scary.

Anyway, the best way I can explain what I was feeling is to say that I felt detached from myself somehow as I sat there with strange thoughts going through my head, wondering what was going on with me. I didn’t feel dizzy or anything, just detached from my body.

I remember thinking to myself, is this even me? It had to be me because I was seeing everything in the natural. I was feeling everything in the natural, but it just didn’t feel like it was me who was seeing and feeling it all. If it was me, why did I feel detached? If it wasn’t me, why was my essence inside this shell? What about when my body dies, would my essence remain after I die? Although gone would I still be cognizant of my surroundings? Will I then be in limbo floating around, still looking out my front room window, or would my essence go somewhere else? Or, or, or, what? It was a strange feeling. It was like I was talking to my own spirit. I was in here someplace. Where was my mind? It wasn’t here with me.

Then I heard that inner voice that you feel as opposed to hearing it audibly. It was the voice of affirmation. It said, “Once I come for your spirit, there will never be another you. Your salvation will then be complete. There is no one like you and I love you more than life itself.

As I look back on my experience, it dawned on me that it wasn’t me communing with my spirit, but it was Christ talking to me through the Holy Spirit. He knew that I’d confronted my own mortality. At the time, I couldn’t help but think, Was this the judgement? I asked the Lord if He had come for my spirit [2], to which I felt in my spirit, “I have come that you may have life and life more abundant [3] in your remaining years. Write the vision that they may run that readeth it.” I have heard the audible voice of God on a couple of occasions and Christ has also spoken to my spirit before but not like this.

God is no respecter of person [4], and given what He just told me, the Lord would have me tell you that there’ll never be another you either, and that each of you are unique and cherished. I had just felt the Holy Spirit speak to my psyche and felt His unction in that I was to share His love to you through what I have just experienced.

The Lord God says that you are ALL worthy. Our Lord says that all of the Father’s children are unique and worthy. He loves each and every one of you and that His Son purchased you for a price by giving His life for you and that each of you belongs to Him. You are a part of His body, with Him being the head.

We are all undeserving but because of the indwelling Holy Spirit we are all worthy. One day, He will come for all our essences, which are our souls. When we pass over into His kingdom, our salvation will be complete. We will be with the Lord forever [5]. Therefore, receive the love of God and put it deep within your spirit. Love the Lord with a mighty unwavering hunger [6]. Love the Lord with ALL your Heart, soul, mind, and strength [7]. Don’t just be a Sunday Christian. God gave His all for us. Knowing this, what do we now plan to do for Him? He gave us His best on the Cross. It is now our turn to give Him our best and die to self and develop a hunger for Him.

Question: Have you ever loved somebody so-o-o much, that you told them, “I’d die for you?”

Christ did.
[1] Matthew 16:24-26
[2] Ecclesiastes 12:7
[3] John 10:10
[4] Romans 2:11; Acts 10:34
[5] Psalms 23:6
[6] Psalms 42:1
[7] Mark 12:30, 31

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