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James Lindquist was born on March 5, 1943 as James Carl Warren. He became a Christian in 1951. He rededicated his life to the Lord in 1991 and the Lord promptly baptized him in the Holy Spirit.

When James first started writing, he needed a way to differentiate his fiction and nonfiction for his readers. Therefore, in honor of his deceased Swedish mom, he began writing his nonfiction with her maiden name, under the pseudonym of Lindquist.

James’ passion is writing and so he decided to go to school and learn how to write right. He attended Christian Writers Guild for three years and graduated as a journeyman. So James has devoted the rest of his life to his entire writing career for the Lord and feels as long as he is obedient and continues to follow Christ, he will not end up on some tangent far away from the destiny that God ordained for his life.

James is a 77 year old single Christian man and loves the Lord with all of his heart. He has seen and learned a lot of things during his time here on earth, some of which, he still even remembers. 🙂 He is excited about where God is taking him and is thankful that Christ loves him and entrusted him with a part and purpose in the Kingdom, a dream of his ever since he can remember. James lives in Albany, Oregon U.S.A. and continues to write for the Lord.

James hopes to pass on those things that he’s seen, learned, and remembers in a spiritual and biblical context. He believes that the Lord called him to write and to that end, he wrote five nonfiction books titled, The Final Cup, Back to Eden, Seeking God, Seeking Man, and The Cobblestone Road. James always wanted to write a fiction piece just for fun so under the direction of the Holy Spirit, he created an outline for a project whose theme is salvation and title is The Dead Know Nothing.

James prays that some of the things the Lord has shown him throughout his years will, in some way, help his brothers and sisters. With this in mind, he hopes to post one blog a week every Monday [time permitting, as he writes his book(s)], in hopes that the postings will bless and help you in your daily lives and walk. Please feel free to comment even if you disagree. If this is content that interests you, James invites you to follow his weekly postings. God bless you all and thanks for visiting James here at his little corner of the Web.

2 thoughts on “About Author

  1. I like your blurb. You have to change your place of living now that you no longer live in Port Angeles. Good picture of you.


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