James Lindquist Books

The Final Cup

The Final Cup is a book written about relationship and founded on the scripture Matthew 26:29. Although I wrote The Final Cup in parallel terms with our horizontal relationships, the main focus is on our vertical relationship with our husband, Jesus Christ.

With 26-27% of Christian marriages ending in divorce, if ever there was a time for marital help, now is the time. The Final Cup leans toward marriage, but people contemplating the bonds of matrimony or even a simple relationship should find this book helpful in preparation for matrimony if that is the intended direction. With constant attacks perpetrated by the enemy against the family (and relationships), especially in these days, the stability of this country, even the world, is threatened.

God showed me, through a brother, that all truth is parallel. For every natural truth, there is a corresponding and parallel spiritual truth. If we are to grow in both, we must learn where we are at “in both.”

Learn how to pray to God through the Tabernacle of old and how to get closer to our spouses through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our relationships and roles as man and woman release insight into our relationships with Christ and how we are to become His bride. This is of course, contingent on our study of, and our obedience to, God’s Word. This is all in terms of our love toward each other.

The Lord also gave to me seven words and showed me that we all have seasons in our relationships. So follow along and study with me through these parallels and through the seasons in our relationships that the Lord imparted to me one Sunday afternoon.