Water is our lifeline

Last night I had a huge scare. I was looking forward to the quinoa/feta, and assorted fruits salad I’d just made for dinner and a movie. Just three bites into my salad, I couldn’t swallow so I took the last swallows of water I had but began gaging. Evidently the previous bite had lodged in my throat unnoticed, as the subsequent bite and water came to a halt and rested on top. As I sat there on the couch trying to catch my breath and dislodge the piece, or better yet, trying to expel the obstacle, everything on top ended up on the rug.

Milk has always helped me dislodge a bite that I hadn’t masticated enough, but I didn’t have any. I struggled to get up and head for the two cases of water I have stacked in my front room. Maybe that would be a good substitute for milk. The lack of oxygen was already starting to take its effect. I was forcing my gag reflex to do its thing but it was no use. I really felt like I was going to die on the way to the water. So close, but so far away. I finally made it, cracked open a bottle and took a couple of swallows. All it did was float on top of the obstruction like putting more liquid into a glass that was already full.

With what little energy and strength that I had left, I headed for the kitchen sink. I hadn’t eaten all day so I was a little weak anyway because of the lack of food. Maybe I could self-administer the Heimlich over the edge of the sink by thrusting my weight on the edge. Like a child’s pop-gun, the force of air partially dislodged the bite, but it was still fairly stuck. I could barely breathe, but at least I somewhat was.

I was just about in panic mode. It’s been a very very long time since I’ve had that emotion. I tried crying out to the Lord, but couldn’t talk. I could hardly breathe, let alone cry out. I was helpless. Therefore, I pleaded in my mind, “Help me Jesus.” To make a longer story short, I tried another small swallow and for a moment, it floated, but just like pulling the plug on the bathtub, the water drained out nice and smoothly. I could feel the obstruction slither its way down toward the exit. It felt good. I was relieved. I could fully breathe. That was the longest I have ever had a food get stuck like that. That was the most scared I’ve been in quite some time. I don’t know why but shortly after a scripture came to my mind.

v19 When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. [Isaiah 59:19 KJV]

I live by myself and my life is knocking on the door of three quarters of a century. Now I’m not afraid of dying, I just don’t like the idea of leaving my family behind. There’s probably not much time left for me. Sorry Lord, but I’ve always been a little scared of dying alone and not being able to say good-bye to my family, how proud I am of them, and how much I love each and every one of them, one last time [1].

After last night, I’m thinking, what was the lesson here? What was the Lord trying to show me? All truth is parallel [2]. Was it because I waited too long to cry out to the Lord even if only in my mind? Did He think that I waited until my back was up against the wall before I cried out for Him? Was He trying to show me my lack of faith by waiting, and what it had just about cost me? Was He preparing me? What? Or was there any reason at all, and stuff just happens.

I was pretty scared that night. If it hadn’t of been for the Holy Spirit, I’d of felt totally alone while realizing my worse fear. It was a terrible feeling. Remember that water is symbolic of the Spirit of God and the Word of God [3]. Water is our lifeline not only physically [4], but spiritually [5].
[1] James 4:14
[2] For every natural truth, there is an equal and corresponding spiritual truth
[3] Ephesians 5:26
[4] The body is 98% water and needs frequent hydration daily.
[5] Isaiah 44:3; Jeremiah 2:13; John 3:5; John 4:13, 14; John 7:37-39; Acts 2:33; 1 Corinthians 12:13; John 4:14. These are not all inclusive.

2 thoughts on “Water is our lifeline

  1. I thank God that you are ok .. It must of been terrifying to be alone and choking …. ( you weren’t alone , you had the Lord with you … )… I’m glad you are ok .. I think it’s a getting older thingie .. I have gotten chocked on chips and my med this past yr.. It’s very scary … Take care …


    1. Thank you Barbara. How sweet of you my friend. I don’t think. . .I know. . .that you are absolutely correct. It is a getting older thingie. LOL. Years are blowing by Barbara and the known can be as scary as the unknown sometimes. IE, I know the Lord loves me, I know He is with me, and I know that I am going to go to him one day. However, I will miss everybody and can’t stand to be away from my kids and those that I love. Again though, it’s getting pretty close for me. My family’s longevity is in the 80s. My maternal grandma is only one that I can remember who has lived to over 90, at 93. I don’t want to dwell on this. I’m reminded of James 4:14. When the Lord comes for my spirit (Ecc 12:7), I’ll be ready. PTL. GBY real good Barbara. I appreciate your friendship. JW


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