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From birth to maturity and even unto death, we belong to the Lord [1]. Christ purchased us on the Cross for a price [2]. The only problem is, God’s Word says that man’s heart is deceitful and desperately wicked [3]. No one is righteous, no not one [4]. Over the course 6000 years, mankind has proven these Scriptures to be true time and again. The depravity of man has brought us to a place of great corruption, wickedness, with Revelation 13 close behind. This begs the question, “Why would an omniscient, omnipotent, and sovereign God create man, let alone seek, and love him in the first place [5]?” Let’s explore this a little further.

The book of Habakkuk declares a prophecy for these, the last days. See if this doesn’t sound familiar.

v2 How long, O LORD, must I call for help? But you do not listen! “Violence is everywhere!” I cry, but you do not come to save.
v3 Must I forever see these evil deeds? Why must I watch all this misery? Wherever I look, I see destruction and violence. I am surrounded by people who love to argue and fight.
v4 The law has become paralyzed, and there is no justice in the courts. The wicked far outnumber the righteous, so that justice has become perverted [Habakkuk 1:2-4 NLT].

How many times have we wondered, “Where is God in these days?” There is plenty down here to fix. Like Habakkuk, violence is everywhere and evil surrounds us. The leaders of our land are totally corrupted and wicked. Scandals are everywhere at all levels of our government. Political correctness abounds and we have become a people where everything offends everyone. Law enforcement is running amuck and it is killing its unarmed civilians. The law, paralyzed through crazy nonsensical laws, gives way to a no common sense justice in the courts. The wicked far outnumber the righteous and the judicial system perverts justice for the people.

There are wars and rumors of war, nation is against nation, and then there is the horrific depravity of ISIS. Governments all over the world oppress their people with socialism, Marxism, and Communism. There are radical factions all over the world who shoot or burn Christians to death, while others behead them.

Sometimes it seems like our prayers are falling on deaf ears. Just like God who called out to Adam in the beginning of time [6], man is now calling out to God in these latter times. “Where art thou?” However, Christ has said, “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen [7].” This was Jesus’ last promise to mankind. What better last words could He have spoken to us before leaving this mortal life and going back to His Father?


Many years ago, I attended New Hope Community Church in Portland, Oregon and a guest pastor gave a message that I will never forget. The title of his message was “The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing.” If ever there was a title that we need to preach today, this is the one.

There is a general consensus among all people of this planet, Christian, and non-Christian alike, who believe that we are in the last of the last days, therefore there are many believers out there that expound on eschatology [8]. I mean that is all they talk about, or at least the majority of the time. There are those whose sole interest is to study prophecy. While yet again, others talk about nothing else than politics and what we are to do when the enemy comes to our door and how we are to protect our families, our cities, and our countries. I used to be one of those folks.

Although there is nothing wrong with any of these studies and things, nothing at all, we should study these things and prepare for just such a time as now. However, if we get so caught up in thinking, talking, and walking eschatology, prophecy, politics, or whatever, and then forget about keeping the main thing the main thing, then they are wrong. So, what is the main thing, especially in these last days?

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is about one thing and one thing only, Jesus Christ. Our mission here on Earth, if we are in The Way [9], is to follow Jesus, to lean on Jesus, trust in Jesus, seek Jesus, pray to Jesus, worship Jesus, and to love the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength [10]. We are to pray and leave the world to God.

Despite the claim of our present Federal government (USA) and the “Change and hope” slogans of the last seven years, there is only one change for this hour and that is to change the hearts of men. There is not only just one way to change man’s heart, but there is only one way for hope to return to mankind and that way is to have a heart for Jesus [11], and to maintain the hope that lies within us [12]. We need to return to Jesus, NOW! Not just in head knowledge, but heart knowledge. Jesus IS the hope of the world [13]. We need a righteous standard by which to live our lives.

Question: How is man’s standard working for everybody, given the condition of the world today?

Problem: In Revelation 2:4, Christ tells the Church at Ephesus (and us), Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. When we first become believers, we are on fire for God. We are excited about our new life in Christ, but as time goes on we get distracted with details and are so busy serving God that we forget about our first love. . .Jesus.

Now there is nothing wrong with the concept of service. However, it was Mary who discovered the good thing and sat at the feet of Jesus, while all the details distracted Martha. She busied herself with works [14]. Christ said that He would not take her discovery from her. Again there is nothing wrong with works because without works, faith is dead [15]. The main thing is Jesus Christ and this is what Christ was talking about in Revelation 2:4.

Solution: Christ continues in Revelation 2:5 with the solution. Look how far you have fallen! Turn back to me and do the works you did at first. If you don’t repent, I will come and remove your lampstand from its place among the churches [16]. The only hope for mankind is to get back to Jesus, our first love, for Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life [17]. Therefore, sitting at the feet of Jesus, like Mary, to gain the good thing, is the solution. Pray and leave the world to God, for “. . .vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord [18].”

Repent and thank Jesus for His last words that He is here with us until the end of the age [19] and that He will never leave or forsake us [20], helps us to focus on keeping the main thing the main thing. We can bask in His presence, as we love the Lord with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength [21]. It would behoove the world to totally sell out to Jesus. Give Him ALL of us. Do not get distracted by details or worry about the end times but seek the Lord while He may be found [22], because God will not always strive with man [23]. So. . .take heart and do not fear, the things of Matthew 24 must happen and then the end will come [24]. Christ is about to appear and take His Bride back to Eden. Hallelujah!
[1] Psalms 24:1, 100:3; Romans 14:8; 1 Corinthians 6:19; 2 Corinthians 1:21. 22; Ephesians 5:27, and more.
[2] The church (believers) is the Bride of Christ. According to Jewish marriage customs, the groom paid a bride price for his bride. In the Jewish language, this is the Mohar. By law, this price is mandatory. Among other things, Christ literally came to die on the Cross to purchase His Bride. I go into allot more detail about Jewish marriage customs in my book, Seeking Man.
[3] Jeremiah 17:9
[4] Romans 3:10
[5] There are many benefits for seeking God, but why would an Omniscient, omnipotent, and sovereign God seek man? My fourth book, Seeking Man ponders this very question “Why does God seek man?” If there is anyone who is interested in receiving a digital copy of this book for Kindle (.mobi) or Nook (.epub) when finished, please email me.
[6] Genesis 3:9
[7] Matthew 28:20
[8] The study of end times.
[9] Before Christianity, people referred to followers of Christ as being in The Way.
[10] Mark 12:30
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[16] Revelation 2:5 NLT – John Gills exposition of Entire Bible: and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent; or thee out of the candlestick, the pastor from the church, either by persecution or by death; or else the church, and church state itself, signified by a candlestick
[17] John 14:6
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[24] Matthew 24:14 (Not the end of the world, but the end of the age as we know it. In other words, the end of human government and then Jesus Christ will reign.)

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