Good Morning Lord

My computer has been down and i apologize for not getting you a blog for a while. So I am trying to use my phone, which I have no idea how to do with this site. I’ll do my best. We’ll soon see what my best equates to. I want to start a new and daily prayer blog, concerning our daily prayer devotional. We’ll see how it goes. Please have patience. 🙂

My confession to you, I have not had a good prayer life commensurate with the amount of years I’ve been a believer. Oh, I’ve prayed allot like everybody else, but not with any leading on how to pray an effectual prayer. It only took me 72 years to learn. (Hopefully, I can get my computer back soon from the shop.) 

The Lord loves to hear His Word prayed back to Him. So I’ll write a verse and then pray through it.  Some days I’ll have a comment on the verse, and some days I won’t. The crux of this switcheroo, is prayer, not teaching, which I am prone to do. With that said, I’ll start tomorrow with verse/prayer one “Christ teaches us while on the Cross.” Provizo I can figure this stupid phone and WordPress out.  UGH. God bless each of you.

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