Earlier this morning I was chatting with my best friend and as per normal, the conversation began with God’s Word. We talked about things like God’s Word, strength, trust, and focus. Then the Lord began chatting with me and in that process [1], He imparted to me this word for His Bride. It has to do with focus.

I think that focus is the word for this hour [2].

I thought that sometimes when I read God’s Word and about His total righteousness [3], it reminds me of how filthy and sinful I am [4]. It reminds me of the world’s turmoil today. It reminds me of the persecution of the saints [5].

The enemy is good at what he does. He’s had lots of practice. Since the Garden of Eden (and before the foundation of the world [6]), he has been drawing our attention away from God and toward how filthy dirty we are [7]. (“. . .Hath God said?” [8])

The Lord spoke to me this morning and exhorted me saying, “You can focus on your sinfulness and the world about you, or you can focus on me, the one who redeemed you. [9]” Christ is the one that died for me and gave me eternal life [10]. He saved me from that sinfulness and redeemed me [11]. His yoke is easy and His burden light [12].

This does not mean that as the world falls apart or if someone trespasses against me that I should focus on the plans of the enemy [13]. We should focus on Christ, who is our salvation [14], our strength [15], our rock [16], our fortress [17], our redeemer [18], our deliverer [19], and our healer [20]. The Bible tells us to occupy [21], but our focus is on Him [22].

Satan is such an idiot, the more he persecutes us, the closer we get to God. As for the world we live in, but are not of [23], remember that the joy of the Lord is our strength [24] and that the lion roams about looking for whom he may devour [25]. Can he devour us? You bet. May he devour us? No! Absolutely not – as long as we have Christ through the indwelling Holy Spirit [26]. Hallelujah!

This does not mean that when I sin, I shouldn’t repent right away, because I should [27]. I just don’t want to focus on the disobedience [28]. I want to focus on the redeemer and be thankful for my salvation in Him [29]. The operative word is focus.

Lord Jesus, help me to trust in you and lean NOT unto my own understanding. Help me to acknowledge your ways so that I can allow you to direct my paths. Lord, thank you for giving me the gift of free will. I choose life and I choose to serve ‘you’ this day. Lord, thank you that you are greater in me, than he that is in the world, and I will focus on you at this hour and until you come for my spirit. Lord, thank you that you will never leave or forsake me. In your precious name, amen.

“FOCUS” Focus on Him.

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