It is too late for America

Part 1 of 2
No one can save her. Sorry, but not Sydney, Giuliani, or Trump. With all my heart and respect, I salute these brilliant Patriots for their gallant effort. They may even succeed, if only for a while. (Keep fighting, however. Let’s all go down fighting.) There is only one person who can save her, and that is Jesus Christ, and He has her under judgement at the present time. He has removed all restraint and gave her over to her own shameful things.

Once judgement begins, no one can fix things. Only Christ. Man has exchanged the truth for a lie [1]. Do I really need to list all the corruption and shameful things going on in America right now? We have become Sodom and Gomorrah. Romans 1:18-32 warns us of God’s judgement and the sins involved in His judgement. There are three. But first:

v18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness.
v19 because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God has shewed it unto them.

Three times in Romans one, Paul warns us that “God gave them over” because of those three sins [2]. John MacArthur preached on Romans 1:18-32 as well. 1) v24 sexual immorality 2) v26 homosexuality, and 3) v28 depravity or a non-functioning mind (insanity).

Each cause has an effect, and Paul teaches us about them. The KJV tells us that “God gave them over to,” and the NLT says that “God abandoned them.”

The prevailing sentiment among God’s prophets is “Before God’s time.” But, as a ray of hope, before God’s time or not before God’s time is irrelevant. But we’ll take and receive the hope. Whether Biden remains de-facto president or President Trump is reinstalled, Revelation 13:16, 17 is still coming and is on the horizon.

According to Prophet Robin Bullock, the vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast, but it is. Meaning the image of the Mark is happening now, but later, the vaccine WILL BE the true Mark. No buying or selling unless we take the vaccine. (Does that sound familiar?) Biden has just mandated companies with more than 100 employees, WILL take the jab. (It’s actually unconstitutional, but if we AS A NATION do NOT fight back, the government will ride right over the top of us.) Prophet Bullock says that if people will take the jab to protect their job, they’ll surely take the jab to protect their lives.

Just because I am retired, does not mean that I am immune to the government’s tyranny. I will lose everything, just like you. With no income, how can I pay rent or eat?

Lord, Jesus, we thank you for your Word. We thank you and give honor and praise for guiding us and for your sacrifice on the Cross. What would we do without you? Perish the thought. Please protect our children many of whom have a lot of years ahead of them. Thank you Lord that you are coming for us, those who have accepted you and are called by your name. Thank you that you will not destroy us along with the unrighteous. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. AMEN.

Note: If you get Covid, I’ve heard some dr.’s Online suggest that you do not go to the hospital. They will not treat you other than shooting you with Redesimere(Forgive the spelling) and put you on a ventilator and that’s it, or they may just send you home to die. I’ll have some more info on this next week.

Fred Meyers has even pulled Busidemide(Forgive spelling) from their shelves. Why? Because it is a treatment for Covid like Hydroxychloroquin and Ivermectin, both are treatments for Covid along with Busidemide. It’s criminal is what it is.
[1] Romans 1:25
[2] vv 24, 26, 28

5 thoughts on “It is too late for America

  1. Jim , I still don’t believe it’s the mark of the beast. Like I said before , I think it’s leading up to it . I think the little chip they are working on ,is what’s going to be put in the hands ,supposedly to keep check on our health and we won’t have to be seen by a Dr. I think that’s the Mark of the beast . They will not put that
    in my hand . Another thing , doesn’t it talk about false prophets in the last days ?? I don’t even know this guy you are talking about . I won’t watch QAnon or Newsmax . I think there’s some crazy conspiracy theories ……. Also , I think we will know when the real thing will come out for the mark or tattoo on our head or right hand . I just got through, a few days ago of reading Revelation …. I definitely don’t think Biden is the Antichrist ( I don’t think that many people like him ). The mark is suppose to be when he comes into the picture and so many people will love him . Well, that doesn’t sound like anyone we know that well . I think the antichrist is here , and he will soon be found out . I think God will Rapture the church before the actual mark comes on the scene . If I thought, I had taken the mark of the beast , I couldn’t feel the love of God no more and I love the Lord . It breaks my heart that my 2 sisters and I have fallen out over this vaccine . Another thing Jim, I don’t think we are causing the virus more then the unvaccinated . My friend is very young , he was all against the vaccine , making fun of people that were taking it and he came down with it and was on a ventilator until yesterday . He’s still pretty sick . I love Frankie and I pray for his complete healing . He has 3 little kids that are missing their daddy and a wonderful wife , waiting for him to come home . Well, once again , I hope I haven’t upset you , I just feel like , I have to write this . I’ve cried so much over things going on , plus breaking my hip and trying to learn to walk the right way again . The Dr . Talked about more surgery to straighten my leg up . Nope! No more surgery . You are still my friend and I hope you’re still mine . Barb


  2. Jim, no offense to you , but I do not believe the vaccine is the mark of the beast . I love the Lord and I’m a Christian . I try to do what’s right and I know , I’m going to heaven . I’ve had all my shots and I definitely don’t feel like I’m going to hell . I use to have so much faith in people and what they say , but we’ve had vaccines for yrs. Smallpox was mandated . I have a scar on my arm to prove I had it . Could that scar be the mark of the beast , I don’t think so …, Nikki had to have shots before she went to college . I’m sorry , but I don’t believe any of this stuff . Our pastor and his wife have gotten the vaccine with others from our church . My girls have gotten their 2 shots and waiting to get the booster . This may be leading up to the Mark of the beast , but I don’t think these shots are .. I think and I’ve heard that later on they want to put a medical device in our hands to see how we are doing . Now that could be the Mark of the beast ,and I will not let them put nothing in my hand ….. I saw something about that on the news .. I’m not trying to argue with you . We’ve been friends for to many yrs . You have your opinion and I have mine . I hope we can still be friends … Barbara


    1. No problem. It isn’t me that is saying that it is, but a prophet named Robin Bullock. I’m open-minded about it. He says that it isn’t the mark of the beast, but it is. Like in Genesis, there is always an image before the real thing. Right now, it isn’t, but later, it could be. But again, I’m open-minded about it. It’s quickly heading toward it though. Two states already have mandatory vax laws, New York and California, I believe. The Government is pushing for federal mandatory vax. The Government is telling businesses to mandate that their employees take the jab or lose their job. Why is there a push for vaxing, when there ARE treatments available? Try and get the drugs I listed from a pharmacy. Doctors have prescribed them and pharmacies won’t fill them. The Government (Dems) have destroyed America, put 40 million folks out of work, and killed thousand of people because of non treatment. Like China, our Government has weaponized COVID. It normally takes 10-12 years for drug approval. We’ve approved in less than a year. I will pray for your safety. Different sites vary in their assessment of deaths attributed the jab. From 7000-11000 deaths. Phizer themself came out a few weeks ago and said that their vaccine can cause heart inflammation. The spike protein is considered VERY dangerous. It changes your DNA. Now they say that its CDC’s new protocol that’s killing patients and not COVID. I am not saying it but the CDC. Redesimere has a 54% mortality rate. You don’t want to know the mortality rate of ventilators. I’m not letting them put that crap in me. I just heard of TV the other day that it’s the vaccinated people whom are passing the virus and not the unvaccinated.


    2. The government and several states are pushing for mandatory vax that we will be shut down totally financially, where we can’t buyy or sell. (Does that sound familiar?)


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