Moving back to Oregon


Hello readers,

Please forgive me for the lateness of my blog this week. I am moving, bag and baggage, back to Oregon from Port Angeles, Washington. I am 76 years old and need to get closer to family. The death of my 68 year old best friend here in P.A. hit me like a ton of bricks. He passed December 9th 2019. I am still in denial. He was a tremendous man of God. He came to see me the day before he passed and we made plans to have a lunch toward the end of the week. So you can imagine my shock when his wife called that day at 3:30 or so. He’d had a rough time that year and we weren’t able to have our coffee’s and lunches like we wanted, and we wanted to make up for lost time.

Don Johnson leaves four beautiful daughters and a lovely wife behind him. He spoke of her often when we got together. His accomplishments were many and great and would fill many pages. He will be terribly missed by all. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support from all my family and all my friends for this period in my life.

Concerning my move, I’d like to draw attention and give a special shout out to three people and one group in particular, without which I could not get moved at all. 🙂

  • Jim Warren, my oldest son. Jim is the family computer geek, and works at Nike as a systems analyst. (He’s single ladies.)
  • Stephan Palmer, my grandson. Stephan is my first grandson and a jack of all trades. Stephan is looking for work. He’s a (good) carpenter and welder.
  • Edna Warren, the mother of my children. The family affectionately calls her “The Tornado”. No one cleans better than she does.
  • The prayers and support of all my family and friends. I have a tremendous family and the best group of friends ever.

Jim and Stephan are the brawn of this trio, moving all my furniture to storage. Edna “the Tornado” will clean up after us three. A special thanks to you three for your help. I couldn’t do it without you(s) I appreciate it.

I will continue with our series “Talking to God” when I return. That is after I move, settle in, renew Oregon driver’s license, and rest these old bones for a spell. Of course I have many other things to do when I move, like making a new budget, canceling some services and renewing others, and changing contact info with my various service providers. I suspect my next blog will be the 3rd of February. If that changes, I’ll let you all know. I’m not the man I used to be and my stamina, quite frankly, sucks. LOL. Thank you all so much for your patience, continued prayers, and understanding.

God bless you all.
God’s servant, and yours,

James Carl Lindquist
(Alias: James Carl Warren)

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