The year? 2005. The location? Istanbul, Turkey. A lone sheep wanders off the edge of a cliff to its death. Thereafter, 1499 others follow him. The first 450 sheep died, but they broke the fall of the next 1049 animals. It was devastating to the town, to the tune of around $100,000 [1]. I heard that sheep are not dumb as many proclaim. Given the above true story however, I must question that theory. Please step into my blog office.

Left to their own devices, sheep wander. Therefore, sheep need a shepherd because they are directionless and defenseless making them non-survivors. Sheep serve a fantastic purpose, but in the scheme of things, they are pathetic animals. They need a shepherd to micromanage their existence or they will wander off and get lost and perhaps die.

Mankind is not unlike sheep, to which the Bible so aptly portrays us. Like sheep and left to our devices, we will also wander off and get lost and maybe die. Mankind is inherently corrupt and evil. Wait, don’t shoot the messenger, for the Bible declares it to be so [2]. God first created man through Adam [3]. Then He started all over again with Noah and his family. God the Father then sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to us that man might start all over once again [4]. This time doing things the right WAY with the TRUTH which gives us LIFE in the process [5].

As with anyone who has read the Bible, they know mankind has proven that without a shepherd, he will wander off and get lost and even die. The best metaphor of the Shepherd and His sheep, you can find in the Old Testament.

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. [Psalms 23:1]

David was expressing his devotion, dependence, and confidence in the Lord. If we put our faith in Jesus Christ, we can have the same confidence of David and the countless millions who have gone before and after him. Jesus, who is the overseer of our souls [6], protects and provides for us to where we have not a want. The Bible says if we seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, He shall give all else unto us [7]. The Bible also states that God will supply all our needs through Christ Jesus [8].

Mankind has gone astray. We have wandered away from the original intent of creation. However, man’s corrupt ways did not catch the Father guard. It’s all been in God’s plan. If mankind hadn’t gone astray, what would be the purpose of sending Christ. Myself, I cannot think of my life without Christ.

The Lord is, indeed, my Shepherd. I will not wander off. With the Lord as my Shepherd, I will not want of anything I need and will always have a direction. If the Lord is for me, who can be against me [9]?

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