Holy Ground

I love the beach and go there frequently to be alone with God. More times than not, when I go there, it is because He calls me away to be with Him. I usually travel light, taking only my Bible, computer, and a couple changes. I jump at the chance each time He calls me away but by the time you figure the hotel, food, gas, and how many days I stay, it costs me around $200-$250 when I stay at the coast. However, I don’t really worry about the cost because when God calls me away, He’ll provide the finances for me to go. Some have said, “Then why do you go? Isn’t God omnipresent? Can’t you be with God anywhere thereby saving money?

Granted, God is ubiquitous [1], but when God wants to do something in our lives, He separates us from people and places. He calls us away from all our familiarity [2] so He can have our undivided attention and so that worldly things do not distract us [3]. In the same separation vein when God calls me away to do something in my life, I find that most everybody has that special place to be alone with God, a place where we can feel anointed and feel extra close to Him.

Probably one of the most famous stories in the Bible that exemplifies this you can find in Exodus when God separated Moses from Jethro’s people at Midian and called him up to Mount Horeb [4]. It was there that God anointed Moses to deliver His people by giving him a mandate that would change the course of history. The ground where Moses stood was holy [5].

And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground [Exodus 3:5 KJV].

Just like God did for Moses when He separated Him from Jethro and took him up to Mount Horeb, I feel anointed when I go to the coast. As I walk next to the ocean, the hard wet sand feels like holy ground. I have come to believe that my Mount Horeb is the coast because it is where I feel the presence and the anointing of Almighty God very strong. When I meet God at the coast, I am very productive in my writing because I dedicate that time to Him. When the Lord calls me away, I know that He is separating me from any familiarity and worldly cares, to talk to me if for anything, to pray or worship Him. To date, He calls me to give me either a specific word or something that He wants me to write.

Like Moses, God gave me a burning bush [6]. My burning bush is the ocean for it is where God reveals Himself to me. God revealed Himself and spoke to Moses from the burning bush and God reveals Himself to me through the ocean. When I see the ocean, I see God’s width, His depth, His vastness, His power, and saltiness that do not lose its savor. God is relentless and is not consumed [7].

Like the ocean, God beckons the wayfarers [8] and supports the vessels that would travel through life’s seas [9] and yet covers what lies beneath [10]. Like the fish and mammals of the sea, God gives life to those who live deep within His bosom [11]. The water itself is a reminder of the Holy Spirit [12].

Yet, when the ocean is disturbed, it can be very wrathful [13]. It has sunk many ships and many have perished [14]. However, God is not willing that any should perish [15]. The ocean is beautiful and even the tide comes in to wash the shoreline of impurities. I like to walk in the water’s edge with my sandals off because it feels like Jesus is washing my feet [16].

So. . .when the Lord says to you, “Come away to a quiet place and rest,” where do you go? Where do you feel anointed? Where is your Mount Horeb? Wherever it is, treat it with respect, fear, and awe [17] and don’t take it for granted because it is holy ground. Remove your sandals and give into the Holy Spirit [18]

Furthermore, how does God get your attention? What is your burning bush? Do you hear Him when He speaks? Do you know and recognize His voice? In other words, do you attune your mind to the things of God [19]? Remember that prayer is a dialogue, not a monologue. Also remember that all meetings with God start with prayer and worship. Repent and talk [20] to God. Worship Him [21] and then listen. The bush (sea or. . .) will speak to you as well.


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[18] Removing ones sandals was a sign of humbleness and respect. It was symbolic of laying aside the pollution’s contracted by walking in the dirt and grime of the wilderness. Many a host washed the feet of travelers when they removed their sandals. The habit of removing one’s shoes still remains today, as a sign of respect, when entering into another man’s house so as not track dirt onto their rugs and floors.
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