The Importance of Obedience

Part two: Obedience saves a life

I live in Port Angeles Washington but you can locate most of my family all over in Oregon. So consequently, when I make the six hour journey, I consolidate my trip. I came down to Portland, Oregon for a birthday visit and was debating whether to go an hour further south to visit my brother and sister. I still had much to do at home and thought that I’d probably skip them this trip and make a special trip down to see them the following week.

However, I got this unction in my spirit to go anyway. There was an urgency in the feeling. I’ve come to recognize that feeling from the Holy Spirit so I hopped in my Ford Focus and pointed it southward. It was only another hour to Jeff’s place.

When I got to brother Jeff’s place, I gave a couple hardy knocks expecting him to come to the door. When there was no response, I let myself in with my own key. His car was there, so I knew he was home. I didn’t expect to see what I saw when I found my brother. . .in bed on top of the covers. He wasn’t moving. Frankly, it scared the pee out of me. I hollered at him but there was still no response. He looked like death warmed over but his chest was slightly heaving. Whew! At least he was alive. He looked at me but it was a glossy stare and his slurred muttering was a bad semblance of attempted speech. I couldn’t understand a word he was saying.

I told him to sit up and that I was taking him to the hospital, to which he replied, “Not gonna happen.” Normally, my brother could turn me upside down and spit in me. Because of his condition, I knew I could overpower him if I had to (as long as he didn’t snap to, LOL). I’ve pretty much been the strongest guy in any room I walked into but how in the world was I going to get a 160lb body of Jell-O down a flight of stairs and into his car? I was finally able to get him up, dressed, and out into the front room. I called his best friend “Willie” and he came over and helped me to get him down to his car.

Long(er) story short, We got him to the hospital and they met us at the door and rushed him inside. They finally got him in the land of “He looks like he’s living.” I talked to the doctor an hour or so later, and he told me that if I’d of brought him in an hour later, he’d be dead, if not DOA. With his glucose (blood sugar) exceeding 1100, the doctor told me that he was on death’s threshold. The Doctor said that Jeff was also severely dehydrated, which needless to say, is a life threatening combination.

A few months or so earlier, Jeff had a cancer operation that removed 50-60% of his pancreas. Praise God they got it all, but with that much of his pancreas removed, he would eventually be in trouble, which he was. The surgeon told him that if the cancer returned, it would kill him because they couldn’t remove anymore.

The main job of the pancreas is to produce insulin, and with only 40% of his pancreas remaining, he was in trouble because his pancreas wasn’t producing any. Glucose is the food for the cells. For the door to the cell to open, the door needs a key. That key is insulin. Like I say, Jeff’s pancreas wasn’t creating any. Therefore, for Jeff to stay alive, he needed insulin shots for the rest of his life. There’s no cure for type 1 diabetes. You can reverse type 2 with a lifestyle change, but that’s moot b/c he has type 1.

Consequently, he’ll end up sticking a needle in himself three times a day for the rest of his life, which with God willing; will be for quite a while yet. What in the world would I do without my wing man? In addition, he’d need to test his blood sugar 3-6 times daily. He’ll probably feel like a pin cushion after a bit. I remember dad when he had to test his blood sugar all day long. There was hardly any meat left on his finger tips. UGH.

My brother is doing fine now thanks to some mighty fine doctors, hospital staff, and their quick action. However, lets not discount the Holy Spirit for prompting Jeff’s brother to get to him quickly. Obedience played a big part in my brother’s survival and all I did was get him there. It feels good to be part of God’s plan. All the glory goes to the Lord via His Holy Spirit and all the doctor’s and staff who saved my brother’s life.

I love ya pal.

Oh, and thank you so much Willie, without whom, my brother may not be alive today. God bless you sir.

One thought on “The Importance of Obedience

  1. So glad you listened to the Holy Spirit and got to your brother in time …. I have learned when I feel really strong about something , I try to do whatever the Holy Spirit is leading me to do .. God Bless you and your brother ..


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