Pete’s Song

In the 1960’s, Pete Seeger wrote a song that not only did quite well for him but touched a lot of hearts. That song, of course, was “Where have all the flowers gone?” Do you remember the second stanza? It read, “Long time passing.” (I bet you’re humming it right now and not just reading the words.) Anyway, it was really how I was feeling at the moment. I was reminiscing about how things in my own life were gone and have been a long time passing.

I’m 72 years old (emphasis on the old) and as I sit here humming Pete’s song with you; I remember how things used to be a long time ago. What happened? Did I sleep through most of it? The changes were so gradual that I suspect that no one even noticed. I know I didn’t. While we slept, the world changed, I changed, things around me changed. All of a sudden, the things that were. . .weren’t.

People that we care deeply about will leave our lives, friends may come and go, relationships may falter, and marriages may fail, but life is not static. People and things change, and I understand that, but today as I sit alone on this couch thinking about things that used to be and that might have been while humming Pete’s song, the Lord led me to His Word.

v8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever [Hebrews 13:8 KJV].

This Scripture is a huge comfort to me in among all these changes surrounding me. However, one thing is for certain, Jesus Christ (is) the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. He will never leave or forsake us [1].

Although Pete’s song was a metaphor for Russian soldiers going off to war, the song touched many lives in many different walks of life. Even today Pete’s song speaks to thousands of hearts because the metaphor is universal and is interchangeable with all things in life. However, when we sit alone on our couch pining away for someone, for something, or for yesteryear while humming Pete’s song, there is one thing that we can absolutely count on and that is Jesus Christ and His immutability and love for us.


* * *

What has changed for you. Is there anything that you miss from bygone years? A person, a thing, a special time, a good memory, the cost of things, simple life experience, a less complicated time, or anything reminiscent of change that affected your life in a big or small way. It would be a blessing for us to read some of your stories. God bless you all.
[1] Deuteronomy 31:8; Hebrews 13:5

One thought on “Pete’s Song

  1. Thanks for a great reflective post, Jim. Yes, life is not static even though sometimes we’d like it to be–especially when times are good. I miss my youth, my parents, my husband Charles, my children as little ones . . . and on it goes. But I take comfort in the bible verse you included. Of one thing we can be sure–and that is God’s unchanging presence in our lives. I cling to that.


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