Quite a few years ago, I came to the Lord and since that day, I have not been sorry that I did. However, before I took the plunge, there was a moment when I just about turned down the invite. That was 61 years ago.

Prior to accepting the saving grace of Jesus Christ, my mind would not allow me to fail without an introspective battle with my young and adolescent soul, for you see, I hated to fail. . .still do. Anyway, I remember thinking, why should I get into something at which I WAS going to fail, guaranteed? I knew that everybody who became a believer. . .failed [1].

I knew that there were other Scriptures that validated my knowledge that all fall short because the Bible says that no one is righteous, no not one [2] and that our righteousness is as filthy rags to the Lord [3]. Failing a wife, friend, or boss is one thing, but failing God, the creator of the universe? C’mon.

As a young man, I loved the Lord alright, but my life was not bearing any fruit. As a consequence of not growing in the Lord and seeking Him, I fell into the hog pen and became a prodigal son [4]. Today, however, I am flourishing in the Lord and I love Him with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength [5]. I still fail Him daily but I fall on His forgiveness and that picks me back up. Thank you Jesus!

Many of us today, me included, not only get complacent in our faith, but we get comfortable in where we are at in our relationship with God. Christ is so much more than our Lord and savior. How can we not want and desire more of Him. How can we not want, to be at His right hand, and in His presence every minute of the day? Complacency is a dangerous position in which to be, especially in these. . .the end times. My precious Lord Jesus Christ,

v11 You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand [Psalms 16:11 NIV].

Again, thank you Jesus!

When we dated our sweetheart, didn’t we want to find out everything we could about her/him? Is Christ a religion or a relationship with us? Is our faith a conviction or a preference? God awaits us, to learn and to get closer to Him. He created you, me, and all of us for a relationship with Him. God is not our holy butler, feed me, house me, clothe me, heal me, and deliver me. He is our soon coming husband.

The Bible says that Christ went away to prepare a place for us and that He would return for us [6]. We need to veil and prepare ourselves for His return [7]. We need to fill our flasks with oil for the journey back to that place that He has prepared for us [8]. This means to get as close to Him as we can. Learn of Jesus. We will spend eternity with Him [9].

Where do we start? Can any of us really know the entirety of God? In a word, no, but we can learn of His greatness, His nature, His attributes, His character, His love, His majesty, joy, and of the eternal pleasures of His presence. Don’t do as I did and become stagnant and wane from a relationship with God. Your life and more importantly, your soul depend on it. Seek God and long to know Him.


He is our righteousness [10], our sanctification [11], and our peace [12]. He is our healer [13], our provider [14], our banner [15], our shepherd [16], and one who is always there [17]. He is the creator of Earth and the universe [18]; He is the all mighty and powerful God [19], and the all-sufficient one [20]. Yet, this is still not all of who God is.

He is our resurrection [21], our savior [22], our advocate [23], and the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end [24]. He is the author and finisher of our faith [25]. He is the Door for the sheep [26]. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life [27]. He is a Father of mercies and God of all comfort [28], the Prince of Peace [29], The Bright Morning Star [30], The King of Kings and Lord of Lords [31]. He is our Lord and our God [32], He is our life [33], He is faithful and true [34], our Maker [35], and our heavenly Father [36]. He is our hope of glory [37], our wisdom, sanctification and redemption [38], our foundation [39], and our Bridegroom [40]. This is still not the full essence of almighty God.

God is the holy one [41], the great I Am [42], and Jahweh [43]. He is all knowing [44], a miracle working God [45]. He is full of power [46]. He meets our needs [47] and is our everlasting Father [48]. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever [49]; He changes not. He is the Word [50] and dwells in us [51]. He is our redeemer [52], the true light [53], the Lamb of God, and our teacher [54]. He is the head of the church [55], our wonderful counselor [56], the light of the world [57], and will never leave or forsake us [58]. He is even a God who raises the dead [59]. However, this is still not all God is, for He is without limit.

In essence, God is Love [60]. Now imagine that God, as Love, not having anyone to love. This is the reason why God created man in the first place [61], so that Christ could have a bride and so God could have children on which to lavish His love. You could write a book about who God is. However, thirty-nine Holy Ghost inspired people already have. It’s called the Bible.

See my book Seeking God [62].

NOTE: In two weeks, I’ll start a series on the Jewish Marriage customs. I did a mound of research on this subject. I have never done a more enlightening study than when I studied the Jewish Marriage customs and traditions. After completing this study, the Bible just jumped off of the pages at me. The entire Bible made sense to me and the difficult passages came to light. These next few weeks will just be a basic overview but should open some doors for you and to your further study in getting to know Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and soon coming husband. Today is the day of Hosea 2:16.
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[62] The last four paragraphs is an excerpt from my book Seeking God. You can find it and my other books on my Website at or on Amazon at I am over half way done on my present book Seeking Man, which is a sequel to Seeking God. Seeking God is about “Why does man seek God.” The theme of Seeking Man is “Why does God seek man?” You’ll all be the first to know of its release.

4 thoughts on “NEVER BE SATISFIED

  1. Thanks for the read! Soooo easy to fall into complacency and to lose sight of what is important. We can’t take for granted those things right in front of us that are so graciously given to us!


    1. You’re right, Christ is important. Sometimes we get complacent in following him. It’s like we stop seeking Him and get happy with where we are at in Him. He is so much more. I never want to stop learning who He is. Thanks for stopping by pal.


  2. Thanks sis. Sometimes I wonder why everyone is not yearning and longing for Christ. There is so much to Christ that it’s unfathomable to me. Eph 3:18, 19 comes to mind. GBY sis. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. This was excellent Jim. Yes, God is our everything. People have said you have a close relationship with God. Yes I do Praise the Lord, but it came from seeking, trusting, and yielding to His ways. I would hit a mountain top and be hungrier than before. people would say you just had a awesome mountain top experience why are you still hungry? While I loved what I had just experienced, I knew there was limitless God available to me. This always sent me into seeking, worshipping and yearning for more. Yes, you are right, NEVER be satisfied with what you have with God, enjoy, but always go after more of Him. It comes from not only seeking and through obedience but in allowing Him more access to our hearts. Want more of God ,We give HIM more of us.

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