I remember a few weeks ago, I was running a little behind schedule and if I didn’t get there in 15 minutes, I would be late thereby putting myself further behind. I had just a few more turns and I’d be there. The route was complicated with many turns through a wooded neighborhood.

My GPS [1] informed me that I was to turn right in a couple hundred feet. There it was, up ahead. I saw the street name that I was looking for and took my eye off of my unit and turned right at the next street. The GPS did its job and immediately kicked into gear and said, “Recalculating!”

As if the unit could hear me, I spoke back to it, “What? How can this be?” However, the GPS was right; I had turned on “Drive” instead of “Place.” Oops. After backtracking and adjusting my direction, I was able to return to the designated route programed into the unit and found my destination, and was on time to boot.

How many times in life have we made the wrong turn and needed to repent whereby God had to recalculate our journey for us?

We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all [Isaiah 53:6 NIV].

Like a sheep gone astray, I have made many wrong turns in my life but hallelujah; Christ has laid my iniquity on Himself at the Cross. To be sure that we make all the right turns in life, we can revisit God’s GPS, which is the Word of God. The acronym GPS could stand for “God’s Positioning Spirit.”

When the Spirit of truth comes, He will position you into all truth [2]. The directions/instructions for God’s GPS is not rituals and rules but of a personal fellowship with Him. To fellowship with God, we must understand that He is totally holy. He is light and there is no darkness in Him [3].

Koinonia is a Greek word meaning fellowship, or being in agreement with one another. Koinonia is also a derivative of Koinos, which means common or shared. Consequently, if we want to have Koinonia (fellowship) with God, we need to follow His lead and directions―turn for turn, Because it is written, be ye holy, for I am holy [4].

Therefore. . .walk in the light as He is in the light. . . [5]. If we fellowship with God, we will be in fellowship with others as well [6]. The reverse is also true; if we are not in fellowship with one another, we are not in true fellowship with God. Relationship and fellowship should always start vertically and then horizontally.

To walk in the light we need our GPS turned on (opened), and a confirmed destination which for a Christian, is the image of Christ [7]. However, do not worry, His GPS will tell you what turns you need to take. Conversely, He’ll also tell you when you make a wrong turn. All we have to do is follow His directions and do our best to live life without hearing, “Recalculating!”


[1] Global Positioning Satellite
[2] John 16:13
[3] 1 John 1:5
[4] 1 Peter 1:16 KJV
[5] 1 John 1:7
[6] 1 John 1:3
[7] Romans 8:29; 2 Corinthians 3:18

6 thoughts on “RECALCULATING

  1. Great ‘food for thought’, Jim…..Liked the acronym GPS= “God’s Positioning Spirit.” Show His great Intentions for our lives…~~!!!!

    There have been moments in my life,,where I’ve taken my eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ,,looking down at my feet….forgetting what pathway I should of kept on,,(and Jim,not because I was texting either…:) but because my focus was on myself..and not on my Father,, in keeping our two eyes focused ‘Upward’ looking at the one that IS our ‘Compass’ (the old GSP) for the best journey that He has planned and wants for us!! Remembering..he gave us ‘Two Eyes and Two Ears’ to to double our listening and hearing ‘His Will” what is best for us….it is OUR choice to use or not to use.

    “Recalculation’ can be a great “”character building”” time also, ONLY if we learned from our mistakes, get back into ‘Walking Beside Him’ according to His will and Growth in Him.. has taken place!!!

    Thanks again, Jim for sharing the thoughts as God uses you for ‘His Vessel’ ……Blessings…………………………..


    1. Thanks Ev for your thoughts. Sometimes pride can get in the way and admitting that we made a wrong turn. I have been guilty of this and having to admit that I took a wrong turn. You said a true statement when you said it is character building. It sure is. No one likes to be wrong but if we heed the “recalculating” voice from God, we can continue on the right path. Thanks again for comment.


  2. Recalculating for sure. Very good Jim. This will speak to many. I have asked God set me on the right path and in the right path where divine connections will come, and destiny and purpose can be fulfilled. Recalculating for sure. Time to move forward and move on.


    1. True sis. God’s calculating and recalculating Word tells us that, “I know I have the plans for you. . .” You’re doing great job of using your GPS. Love you sis. Thanks for stopping by.


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